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5 Tips from UNC students about finding the best place to live in Chapel Hill

5 Tips from UNC students about finding the best place to live in Chapel Hill

We’re almost halfway through the year, which means it’s time to start looking for next year’s housing situation. For students, the best place to live is somewhere near campus. But that’s not the only thing on their mind while on the hunt.

1893 Brand Studio storyteller Britney Nguyen chatted with several UNC students about their tips for finding the perfect place to live off-campus. 


Allison O’Connor: My number one when I was looking was the location because I didn’t want it to be too far away from campus, or the allure of moving off campus didn’t seem practical to me.


Claire Cole: The most important thing for me was location combined with price. I wanted it to be either a 15-minute walk from wherever I needed to be, in this case, campus, or really close to a bus stop.


Anish Pinnamaraju: First of all, I want to live with people I trust and people I’ve already lived with before, just so I can have a good sense of the dynamics. Second of all, rent. Third, location. Probably those three are the most important things to me because it’s going to affect my daily life.


Kayla Brown: The most important thing that I think about is the distance from campus, and also what the roads are like on the way back to the apartment or house because dark roads are not very appealing to me. So something that’s well lit and pretty close to campus.


Ben Rappaport: The most important thing to me is accessibility. I want to be able to go to things around Chapel Hill, like access to Franklin Street, and neighboring shopping centers, and things like that. But also not being too far from campus. I really enjoy walking around in this town and around campus, so being able to walk to campus is important to me as well.



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