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College Basics: Four Ways to Maximize Your Dorm Space

College Basics: Four Ways to Maximize Your Dorm Space

Whether a dorm or an apartment, the spaces we live in during college have a tendency to start feeling small. By the end of the semester, clothes are strewn across the floor, textbooks are scattered around and nothing is in its designated place. Finding ways to maximize your dorm space doesn’t need to be difficult.

Luckily, there are many ways to take control of your space and prevent a mad rush to clean everything during finals. Although college can be one of the messiest, most stressful times of our lives, it can also be a great time to develop organizational habits that will stick for life. 

Here are a few simple tips for saving space. 

Utilize Storage Bins: 

Having storage bins during college is a no-brainer. 

With many different types to choose from there’s a bin for every living situation. Each bin can be designated to hold a different category of items, whether it’s snacks, toiletries or extra clothes. A storage bin never goes to waste. 

“I found having storage bins of different sizes helpful in optimizing my space,” UNC junior Michele Tian said. “I especially liked having the collapsable storage bins, because they were easier to fold and store away if I didn’t need them, or if I was moving out.” 

Loft the Bed: 

Although installing bed risers right after moving in isn’t ideal, lofting the bed will free up a lot of space. 

A lofted bed can fit a desk, a futon, a fridge and many other large items underneath it. If the bed doesn’t go high enough to fit a desk under, additional storage bins, shoes and bags can go underneath the bed to free up floor space. 

Although it may be a little bit harder to make the bed, the additional floor space it provides will make the dorm space feel much bigger and tidier. 

Command Hooks and Strips: 

Command Hooks and Strips are handy for any living situation, but they are especially helpful in a tight space. Command Hooks can be used to hang up bags, jackets or keys. Command Strips can be used to put art and photos on the wall so your space feels more personal and homey. 

Not only will your dorm space be more aesthetically pleasing after using Command Strips and Hooks, but the hooks will also prevent unnecessary items from ending up on the ground, making the space cleaner. Just make sure Command Strips are allowed before putting them up.

Use this fun folding method: 

Popularized by Marie Kondo, the KonMari folding method is a way to free up drawer space, and potentially squeeze a few more outfits in. 

This method involves folding each item of clothing into a small package. When all of the items are folded and placed in the drawer, the clothes are displayed in a way where you can automatically tell what each item is. Not only will this method make getting dressed in the morning much easier, but it’ll prevent the clothing overflow that always seems to happen.  

Video: KonMari Folding – Basics

The methods included above are just a few ways to maximize your living space in college. There are thousands of ways to decorate a dorm and make the space one you can really love. But if you develop the right organizational habits now, they will only aid in future living situations. 



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